Judge Dimkoff's Vision

Judge Graydon Dimkoff
    Judge Graydon Dimkoff

"The field of law is a calling into a helping profession."

Long before taking the bench, I was convinced that the field of law is a calling into a helping profession, not at all unlike the medical profession, the teaching profession, or the calling of one to be a pastor or priest. The ultimate objective is justice, and the methodology is to be a problem solver, rather than a combatant. I have brought this philosophy to the bench, and have encouraged both counsel and parties to accept and adopt it. Unfortunately, not all lawyers see themselves as problem solvers, but rather as combatants. For some, the courtroom is not a place for healing and reconciliation, or even for justice; rather, it is a place for total warfare without regard for the destruction of family relationships for generations. For a few, it is all about winning. I believe our courrts must continue to work hard to attain justice for all, that is, for both sides, and especially for children.

"My goal is to encourage parties struggling through a divorce to look beyond their great emotions in order to find common ground."

It's been said that parties to divorce cases say and do things during divorces that they have never said or done before, and will never say or do again. Emotions are at a high in divorces, and this fact presents yet another challenge for judges. I believe that recognizing this truth is often the first step toward getting couples to address divorce problems logically. While tremendous strides have been made in every phase of the court system to encourage parties to look beyond their great emotions in order to find common ground, more must be done, and continuity is essential.

"Justice delayed is too often justice denied. The Court must handle cases in a timely manner."

A major challenge for sitting judges is timeliness. Justice delayed is too often justice denied. As Probate Judge I plan to continue to obtain superior ratings from the Supreme Court Administrator's Office annually, having recently been rated 100% in four of five categories, and 99% in the fifth---one of the highest ratings in the state.

I have never had a case reversed in Family Court.

The quality of my work can be measured by the few appeals filed from my decisions, and my outstanding record before the Court of Appeals. In fact, in my 8.5 years on the bench, I have never had a case reversed in Family Court by the Michigan Court of Appeals. It is my intention to strive hard to maintain that record.